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Welcome to The Quilt Barn!

We are so happy you decided to check us out and hope you will return often.  My name is LaRae and I am the owner.    I am married to an amazing and supportive husband.  He has given me the extra "push" I've needed to make my dream a reality.  

Together, we have six children.  Yes, we are a busy household.  I have been a nurse since 1996 and my husband is a farmer.  As retirement age approaches, we began focusing on my desire and dream of running my own quilt shop business.  Hence, The Quilt Barn was born!  It was a perfect blend of the two of us.  Quilting and Farming.   

Why do I enjoy quilting and stitching?  I find an incredible amount of joy and stress relief in both.  There is such reward with the creativity and accomplishment of finishing a project or quilt.  I want to pass the opportunity to delve into it along to others.  Quilters and stitchers are seemingly kind and supportive individuals.  We can also be considered enablers to the craft.   I am blessed to have such a wonderful network of friends and shoppers.  My husband and I thank you for choosing The Quilt Barn for your purchases.  Please come back and visit again soon!  We will continue to have more to choose from as we have a lot of plans for the shop to grow!   If you have any questions please contact us.


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